The Divided Heart

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Two of the sheets from session two of my painting bigger than big journey became something else altogether in the studio on Saturday. I put them together and began  painting this divided heart.  I was pondering the black and white, the ying and yang of our existence and how we are sometimes full of joy and at other times fall down the rabbit hole and get lost in self doubt.  The notion of a divided heart seemed to illustrate those feeling for me.  How do you envision the parts of yourself?

Brush and finger painting with tempura, glitter and oil pastel.


  1. I like your yin/yang heart–very nice. Years ago I took a weekend retreat painting workshop called “Painting from the Heart” we painted with tempura paints and just kept adding sheets of paper until we ended up with a very large painting. We could paint over and add, but were not allowed to stop painting–as when you stop the evil critique comes around–to me the lesson of the workshop was-there are no mistakes–if you don’t like what you do-keep going-paint over-keep adding–some incredible work was made during that workshop when you stepped out of your head and just let the universe take over and flow through you.

  2. love this, the idea and the colors… so You! the white dots are wonderful… xo

  3. Marilyn J. Rock says:

    I wish I could jump right into this! So alive and wonderful! xxoo

  4. How cool is that?!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. lyle baxter says:

    great idea! I’ll have to think about your question! dont often think of the parts as separate! maybe too much thinking!!

  6. What a great heart, a great concept, and a great message from the art. Simply beautiful, and a great example of complimentary colors, too (I’m on a color kick, I guess)..

  7. Cat Kerr says:

    I’m often falling down that rabbit holed dear friend…so I totally love,yes love your vision.

  8. What an interesting concept…..not only do the colors represent each side of the feelings, but even the strokes/marks reinforce it. The happy, dotty, sparkles of the joyous heart and the heavy, down-sweeping marks of the sad/darker heart seem to imply the swirly of negative emotion. This is really a piece worthy of thought and some introspection. Excellent~!

  9. Awesome! I love the addition of the glitter.

    For a long time, I did a lot of patchwork hearts. Hearts that I cut into pieces, painted differently, then stitched or glued or taped together. For me, it was about being so many different people at once (writer, artist, etc.) and about healing old wounds. Scars and broken pieces are painful, but they give our lives more variety and texture. 🙂

  10. Corrine, I don’t know how you come up with such exciting work..

    I think my life is a muddle rather than clearly defined – more a maelstrom with the occasional pond reflecting the sun or moon or stars. mmmm thoughts for a future project.

    Thanks so much for sharing this piece of work – it shows such freedom and willingness to expose the struggles as well as the joy.

  11. that is just so beautiful! I love it because the 2 halves need each other – I imagine it would be too static if it were all one color/texture – but to have it divided as yin and yang or light and dark is just so natural and fitting. lovely job!

  12. This sounds like a perfect painting day to me- painting and letting the mind explore what it wants- leading to a piece of art with such personal meaning. I love how your heart shows both aspects. I tend to not want to embrace the “rabbit hole” side but the truth is that without it there would not be the other side.

  13. I love the shimmer on this painting. The duality of the heart.

  14. love the detail and glitter in your work. my two sides…worn out mom v.s. artist who hides from her family…I need better hideouts! I hope to finish some mail art tonight after homework. 10 more days of school!

  15. I picture my heart just like that, sparking and divided. Perfect!!

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