Painting Bigger than Big: In Progress

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Saturday proved to be one of those days in the studio where the energy was edgy. I couldn’t settle and get down to work on anything constructive(in my view) so I decided it was time to get out the big sheets, lots of them and paint bigger than big, move lots of energy around  and out by moving the body all over the place.  I painted for a while then my shoulders got tired, so here is where I left it to return later to work some more…

Each sheet is 20×28 to give you a scale.  I also kept the sheet separate to be able to monoprint from one sheet to another.  With the tempura paint you can pull paint off one sheet onto another by rubbing and get some interesting effects like this.

And this…

See the pulled areas where the paint has stripped away.  I also flung some paint and used this sheet to rub all over the others…

top left, much more to come as you can see, who knows maybe I will fill the whole paint wall all 30 feet with both corners.  I will keep you in the process. What does edgy do to you?




  1. lyle baxter says:

    The pulled papers are to me the best . they will be good background for something new! keep on flinging!

  2. I also like to go big when I’m edgy. pure movement and less thought. maybe some loud music too. though my version of large is a single sheet the size of yours. seeing all your sheets put together like that makes me swoon – perhaps someday I’ll have the space to do that!

  3. Marilyn J. Rock says:

    I think you’ve found the solution to edgy! Love these colors and patterns! Just awesome – full of energy! xxoo

  4. OK, that looks like the most fun project ever. I’ve always wanted to do something big and crazy like that, but I’ve never had the studio space! 🙂

    When I can’t sit still, I usually end up cleaning — the kind of cleaning I’m never in the mood to do when I can focus. I’ll organize my studio, bookshelves and closets, and I’ll make piles for throwing away, recycling, donating, etc.

  5. My favourite piece is the bottom left of the last collection. Have fun adding to the work.

  6. Wish I had a studio to do that. So free and fun. Looks great and I’m sure feels wonderful to paint that way without worrying you’ll get paint everywhere.

  7. What a great way to get the energy flowing! I love how you did this with the paint and such variety! Can’t wait to see where else these go!

  8. Energy, action, smiley colors – what a fun way to boot the edginess to the curb! I can’t wait to see where this takes you. I’ve never tried going big – I just rearranged my art room….can I find room for something like this….hhhmmmmm

  9. Love the scale — and the colors — and energy!

  10. wow! that must be so physical to work so large – I would sign up for the DosFishes Workout if it were available – forget the gym!

  11. That’s it, just paint and let out all those pent up feelings, thats’ what I love, and you’ve let loose, so great, love all that splash of colour and energy!

  12. wow that looks like fun ……wild colours ……energy not so edgy after that i’m guessing….gosh it’s great to be back amongst you all……..xx

  13. Love the colors you’ve flung! I think this sounds like a great project to release some edge!
    Have a great weekend!

  14. Corrine this wall looks fantastic with all the colorful papers on, sounds interesting with monoprint from one sheet to another. Wish you a lovely weekend.

  15. Corrine, you have used the edginess in a spectacular way. When I feel edgy I drag out some beads and then just stitch aimlessly. I do some of my best beading when I just let it happen. Other times I try to sort out my stash but that usually makes me more edgy.

    I love the colours you use and the size of these pieces.

  16. Edgy..I get that way when I have not made art in while…well it’s more like edgy/mean. At some point I then have to dive into something and the pressure drops…
    nice paintings, where will they end up do you think?
    xxox, jill

  17. An impressive display of energy and movement here Corrine! We all know it is really about the process, not about getting anything done, because that will happen. I always looooove your approach, it is so fresh!
    Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

  18. That’s quite some workout; all that energy flowing and those little gems eveywhere! You must have been quite colourful yourself by the end of the session!

  19. I love the idea of painting big with loud music & lots of dance. One day I will ‘give myself permission!

  20. Barbara Dunn says:

    Wow! I wish I had a spot I could paint big. Looks like it’s so freeing! Your studio is just great.

  21. mary helen fernandez stewart says:

    These are spectacular…I wish you were closer because I would ask you to work with me! Happy Memorial Day….peace be with you! Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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