Mail Art Celebrated at the Postal Museum

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A whole room of stamps from A to Z and letters and airgraphs, airmail and of course a case devoted simply to Mail Art.  A long history, Pony Express, Mail Investigators, Systems and Technology and more…not to mention some pretty cool incoming.

Feel free to explore the gallery(yes the word is made of stamps) and see the incoming mail as well.







  1. a year ago I would have thought “who would want to go to the postal museum”. Now I can’t wait to go. cool pictures. and some glorious mail waiting for you when you returned.

  2. Marilyn J. Rock says:

    Really cool – so glad you shared! Between the colors, shapes, and lettering – I can see so many things! xxoo

  3. This is really cool. I love how creative people are, using stamps in artwork is great. A lot of great photos here. Makes me want to go too.

  4. This was so interesting–thanks for sharing! Loved the mail art, of course…but I also enjoyed seeing the other photos–especially the old envelope from the round trip on a zeppelin 🙂

  5. It is so weird to think how outdated snail mail has become! I love that people are working at reviving it through mail swaps…that museum must have been really fun!

  6. Loved the tour — now I must go visit there!

  7. That stunning red carriage caught my eye…so beautiful.Thanks for taking us along sweet friend.xoxo Cat

  8. I think I need to do a read trip to D.C.! great post.
    xxox, jill

  9. David was wondering if you saw the dogsled from Eagle at the Postal Museum.
    We bought some property from the owner of that sled which was the last one to be used in a mail run in Alaska.

  10. Another great museum and collection of photos. I particularly liked the envelope that had been round trip on the zeplin – VERY COOL!

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