Mail Brings Happiness To Many

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Coming and going, mail in, mail out.  Good thing the Post Office is upstairs from my new studio.  I don’t have to go very far to mail my goodies and my student’s love seeing what comes in.  My good friend Eileen waits to see what comes in the mail for me.  If we have coffee and a talk in the West Village Provisions, I always have to get the mail first. Then I have to show everyone in the place.  Mail brings happiness to many.  Handy that it is all in one spot, including a cool little thrift called BCheeky.  I’d just about call that studio heaven, wouldn’t you?

Incoming today:

Outgoing, some big green men are invading a post office near you.

The mail always brings happiness to me.


  1. awwww….made me smile…xo

  2. I ♥LUV♥ seeing what you get in the mail, and what you send too!
    I got a card from Portland Oregon today…suspicious in that there is no siggy, but there ARE Pop Tarts images on there….Hmmmmmm…..I bet I know who made that one! ;-D
    Cool beans Corrine!


  3. post office, coffee, thrift store and studio on one building??? what more could a person want in life? sounds like heaven.

  4. I”m with Karen……

  5. Hello and happy Sunday to you, loved checking out your post on mail…it’s so good to get a nice envelope with lovely hand writing from a loved one, sent with love! Enjoy your day and week to come. xx

  6. Corrine, it is one of the great pleasures – going to the post box and discovering something from a friend. Then sitting down with coffee and savouring the moment.

  7. Your mail is real art! It would make me happy, too! Have a super rest of the weekend, dear.

  8. This post makes me happy. When Mr. Sequin and I were dating, we used to send each other snail mail all the time. Postcards, drawings, short stories. There’s something about physical mail that’s so magical. 🙂

  9. Today with phones that can send messages and emails it is rare with mail in the mailbox, Corinne you have recieved wonderful mailart.

  10. Your mail brings me happiness just seeing it here!

  11. Lucky you – those look like some FAB mail pieces – both incoming and outgoing. Love those big green men!!! Happy Monday – hope your week is filled with creativity~!

  12. Sounds like a great place – it has it all!

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