Follow the Heart, Not the Rules

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I just made this comment on Denise Mulligan’s blog when she was talking about trying a new material, stepping outside of the confines of what we usually do, not being perfect, but being free.  I didn’t even think when I said this on her blog that it was truly a profound statement for me.  My whole life I have tried to follow the rules, since that message was instilled in me by my parents all through my childhood.  It’s not that it’s a bad message, in fact is has stood me in good stead for my whole life up to this point, all 56 years and counting…

But, when it comes to the essence of who we are, the rules have just got to go out the window, with a swift boot kick to the rule book BE-hind, because to follow you heart, to be true to the higher self that is you, honest with your soul, faithful to your spiritual beliefs in whatever form they may take, you’ve just got to follow your heart because it always leads you to the place of kindness, the place of understanding, the space we can wrap ourselves up in called love.  It is only with love, self love that we can embrace our true creative being, and soar on gossamer wings to the sky.


So I want to thank Denise for her post, for being the little whisper inside the heart that makes you wake up to an essential truth about yourself and to also celebrate the creative beings who surround me in this world, each and every one, because without them there would be no light to shine, no moment of awe at someone’s spirit being witnessed, no SpArKLe to my days. And let’s face it, a day without sparkle is long and dreary and without heart.

So go shine your light and break all the rules.




  1. Wonderful post! Isn’t it amazing how sometimes we can *say* something so profound, yet trying to make the whole of our life that way becomes a bit more difficult?
    Following my heart today~~red jeans, punk goddess T, hand painted shoes, gathering flowers from the yard.
    Life is very, very GOOD!


  2. Corrine, I think you’ve been breaking those rules for a long time now!!!
    I’ve always imagined you as a free spirit too.
    When I visit here I always come away feeling uplifted and inspired – thank you!
    Shane x

  3. Wooohooo! Yes, break them all and keep on going. These paintings are gorgeous! I’m so touched by this post and that I have made a difference in someone’s life even if it is just a whisper. Love it. Thanks so much for this post.

  4. Well put! There are a few rules I am happy not to care too much about and just enjoy what ever happens. Your work sparkle for sure!

  5. How true! The older I get the more I like breaking rules- perhaps that is just because it embarrasses my kids so much! Love all the colors and movement in these pieces!

  6. Katharine Hepburn said, “If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.” I try to embrace that every now and then (I’m still basically a rule follower at heart). Thanks for sharing those vibrant, exciting paintings – loverly.

  7. Hi Corrine! This is so wonderful! What a great message and beautiful art!
    Thank you so much for the cool postcard,too. Loved it. Letter coming soon…

  8. lyle baxter says:

    on a rainy morning great color and good thoughts! thanks for the smiles. still fighting with spike’s photo and wordpress! we leave shortly!

  9. Such a happy, positive and encouraging post Corrine. And I had to google the word “gossamer”. Now I know about spider silk.

    I hopped on over to Denise’s blog (for some reason I had not been there for some time). Great post over there too.

  10. These are gorgeous. I agree that playing and being free are major accompaniments to the rules of design, and I try to play a LOT. It makes life wonderful! I love your choices of colors, even if you weren’t following rules!

  11. Beautiful post dear Corrine, so true, so terribly difficult sometimes, but so worth trying!
    Your painting is stunning and that heart shows love ,life,and living happines.

  12. absolutely completely agree! great post…

  13. like the idea of the ripped paper and the vibrant the whole concept of intuitive painting..its really fun

  14. So true. Great post and work!

  15. jill eudaly says:

    No one spakles like you! I’m breaking some rules today, skipped out of work to catch up with my life. Eva is home sick…should have made her go to school..but a day at home… heaven! we have been sooooo busy. Loved all the words on your post..keep them coming! I too am a rule breaker, think outside the box person and tell people to loosen up. We are to hard on ourselves. I do push myself with my artwork but it makes me happy when I do it because I get better with each thing I make. But when art losses it’s “fun factor” then you have to wonder, why do it?? keep having fun!
    Spakle ON!!!

  16. I couldn’t agree more — if we want to live in a way that makes us happy, whether it’s in art or in life, we have to be willing to toss the rule book in the circular file. 🙂

    I had a friend who was an awesome portrait photographer. He told me that he mastered all the rules so he could feel comfortable breaking them. That skill really showed in his work.

  17. I’m always greeted with sparkle when I visit you. These pieces are awesome and very colorful. Add to that your powerful message and this is a post that can’t be beat. Sorry I was so late getting here to see it.

  18. Beautiful pieces, beautiful color, beautiful words–what a wonderful post! I’m playing blog catch up today…so glad I didn’t miss this one 🙂

  19. Sorry I have been missing, too much on my plate.
    This is a beautiful and soooooo meaningful post Corrine. All I can say is that “you get it”

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