Silly Drawing

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Silly drawing from the shape of my hands.  Meet Hand-some(Eileen’s idea) and Hand-or-a, my left handed couple.  We were painting in our journals yesterday, Barbara, Eileen and me and I got truly stuck, stuck, stuck, nothing, nada.  The ladies blissfully moved along writing and painting and creating fiber pieces(which of course I forgot to photo, but will update later) and I got so frozen I went off to the easels to paint it out.  Having successfully covered my hand with blue and white I plopped it a couple of times into the journal and then began to draw.

Once Eileen cued me with Hand-some, I came up with Hand-or-a, an homage to Endora from Bewitched.  Getting frozen was really a good thing because going back to the easel and painting reminded me of how powerful the process really is to move energy through the body.  Using the body and paint, I was able to get unstuck rather quickly and get back to the enjoyment of creating with the gals. When in doubt, cover those fingers in paint and get painting.

This nose kind of looks familiar and so do those earings?  Hmmm, wonder if she’s related?



  1. Corrine your drawings of your hand are fantastic, fun idea and great colors. Have a nice sunday..

  2. What a great idea. I might join in when the twins do their finger painting tomorrow.

    I am glad you found a way to get unstuck.

  3. lyle baxter says:

    you know I love hands and yours of this post are great! you should get a hand sized journal or sketch book and fill it with sill hands, busy hands , dirty hands etc or maybe I will and send it to you for additions. this could be a good summer swap! be thinking!

  4. Fun hand prints!!

  5. Fun idea and I love the textures going on!

    Happy Sunday!

  6. This “handy” project has been good for you. It got you unstuck and functioning again. It’s great, hand over fist, and of course, I have given your technique 2 thumbs up!!

  7. OH Corrine, you makes me laugh ! what a self portrait, lol- I have never seen your nose look like that,dear , sorry -but even I love your hands portrait- I can`t seem to find you there ;;-) You looks so much sweeter,– hope you don`t mind me saying that!!
    <3 and hugs,Dorthe

  8. Fun stuff, I love peeking through the layers and seeing the background paper writing too.

  9. It’s good to get moving, we spend too long hunced up. My Middlest was helped with difficulty getting interested in reading & writing by drawing letters big using his whole body. He thought it was a lark & it worked, of course 😉

  10. What a great way to get unstuck! I love Handsome and Handora! Your muse seems to be like mine- will quickly stop by for an inspirational visit when I am doing something but refuses to show up when I am frozen and not moving.

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