Painting Backgrounds

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Easter Egg colors seem to be sticking around, flowering hyacinth’s and the yellows of the lamium blossoms about to pop and that Spring green that we only see this time of year.  I have been channeling these colors in my subconscious painting backgrounds with tempura and pastel’s, doodling and noodling.  

Noodling about what is to come…


  1. Your color use makes me happy 🙂

  2. such beautiful noodling. the colors outside my window make my heart leap and my soul sing. I haven’t had paint on my hands in over a week – time to rectify that situation.

  3. Great colors and so you! It’s apparent that spring has found it’s way into your creative brain firings.
    xoxo Kim

  4. Love, love these colors!!

  5. Well, these are certainly fun and intriguing. I like the color combos….hmmmm wonder what will be next?

  6. noodling is fun! love the egg colors.

  7. Oh the color! Lovely!

  8. Fantastic backgrounds! That’s what I did yesterday too.

  9. These backgrounds looks fantastic Corrine, love your color choice.

  10. Doodling and noodling and a marvelous combination of color!
    Love it.

  11. Quite brilliant.


  12. Thank you for the soft whispers of spring! It might still take a while to see them around here.

  13. Nothing like a bit of noodling! didn’t realise you’d moved studio – a bit behin here! Looking good 😉

  14. Gorgeous color in your noodling mind…
    Enjoy this spring day, my Friend !

  15. So many gorgeous layers that give your doodles and noodles (I like that) a ghostly effect. Eye candy for sure!

  16. love the colors. I like bold things. Easter did come to early this year, glad you made it stick around.

  17. Colour-Delicious ………x

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