Trashpo Post Cards

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Decided to try my hand at some trashpo(trash poetry) style post cards.  A new way of seeing. I had recently cleaned out some old ticket stubs etc and thought they could be put to some good use. Here is what emerged from the work table.  Using recycled cardboard as the substrate, a collage of elements I had at hand.

Also a quite cool incoming from Douglas Galloway




  1. Never heard of trashpo but I like it!

  2. Interesting. I have to look up trashpo!

  3. The last one’s my favorite! I have bunches of cardboard pieces, myself. This is a great idea.

  4. These are very cool! Just yesterday I set a side a Starbucks coffee cup holder on my shelf for later use. Great minds think alike, right?

  5. Hello, I have stumbled accross your blog where I have thouroughly enjoyed my visit, will be visiting here again in the future!

  6. Very cool – I misunderstood the trash poetry theme – I focused on the poetry and since I don’t write any, thought it wasn’t for me. But, if it’s about recycling what you have into interesting compositions and postcards, I’m all over that. Love yours and the splash of yellow really brightens the cards. I see you joined this group in IUMOA; folks will be happy to receive these!

  7. Kimbucha says:

    Going minimalist and neutralist… for you anyway…it all works!
    xoxo Kim

  8. A great idea, dear Corrine, love the way of using -throw out pieces- on cardboard to create a funny card..

  9. I haven’t heard of this either but I like it very interesting ……..xx

  10. I like this idea of trashpo. Your art engaged me in a different way this time round.
    Thanks for sharing!

  11. Great idea although I am not surprised because you are always so resourceful!
    These are not my shoes are my favorite…ha! Your work is very special and great!

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