Outgoing Postal

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Finally a day to play, play, play.  I did enjoy the holiday early with my son and his girlfriend but I had time to make mail – yeah!  I have been spending so much time on re-organization that I have neglected to take time to relax and make collage, the very thing that feeds my soul the most.  Today was a mix of things.  Finishing up those postcards from the other day. A package or two or three out to some friends in the mail art chain of love and further explorations into what might come next.

I took the plunge and got around to joining the International Union of Mail Artists. There are some amazing folks who belong, including my pal of pens Pamela Gerard and Jill Eudaly who also just joined.  I took a look around the site and found two groups I might be inclined to join, Dogs and Trashpo.  Dogs is mail art about – DOGS – and Trashpo stands for Trash Poetry and is mail art made entirely out of trash(including cereal boxes, old receipts, ticket stubs and found papers.  These two appeal to me needless to say and I will be thinking  about both those groups.  There are so many options, so many fascinating folks around the world who send fantastic mail, it’s a way to keep the creative juices flowing.

Hope everyone had a lovely holiday weekend and have a good week!



  1. gorgeous! I found out at 1:00 on Saturday that Easter dinner in New Hampshire was happening on Sunday, but instead was starting in an hour! after some frantic scrambling we all bolted out the door and we weren’t even late for dinner. This left yesterday blissfully wide open for creative pursuits. feeding the soul indeed!

  2. lyle baxter says:

    your cards look wonderful! you know I love color! keep on enjoying so that we all can enjoy your work!

  3. Kimbucha says:

    Great assortment of color, Corrine. I’m glad you got some good family time for Easter. Our day was rather uneventful here. I’m missing making collages right now too but I’m in the throes of getting ready for the summer season now. I think i’d enjoy the Trashpo group.
    I’ve still got your postcards decorating my work area here and they are taunting me to play with some paper. …. in a nice encouraging way really.

  4. I can absolutely understand why you might be drawn to those particular categories of art trades! Glad you finally are able to get back to making art instead of organizing art supplies! Have fun my friend!
    Oh, I saw your last post too and that piece from your friend is just gorgeous! What goes around comes around! It’s all good.

  5. Beautiful outgoing! Happy day after Easter….(I was born the day after Easter so apparently I am always late)

  6. Oh Corrine-at last I found out what to do…..I have to not only follow your -Sparkle Day Studio- but there your blog, to get some newa onto my reading list- 🙂
    So here I am, dear- and I LOVE your beautiful mail exchained envelopes. They are wonderful.

  7. You mail art artists are most certainly brightening up quite a few postal workers’ days! Looking forward to see more!

  8. These are fabulous-especially love the colored circles layered on them! Looking forward to seeing more postcards now that you’ve joined the union!

  9. Trashpo…I like that 🙂 Your outgoing mail is SO pretty–love those pinks and greens together!

  10. folks receiving that mail will be so happy, beautiful colors to see all together.

  11. Wow Corrine your mail art looks fantastic all these wonderful colors you have used, I’m sure that the recipients of your mail art will love these.

  12. your mail art is beautiful! I love your sense of color! I know what you mean about “feeding your soul” …. how quickly I lapse away from that very thing 🙂

    I haven’t joined a “group” in ages – but I mail look into this. It sounds very out of the box, no rules-ish, really creative ….. thanks for the links!

  13. Well, I finally found where I am supposed to go. I have been visiting the wrong place, not your blog. I actually came to say thanks for the visit and now that I’m here, I am in LOVE with these beautiful postal pieces. They are simply superb and such great examples of awesome collages. I especially liked the circles.

  14. Wonderful looking cards.

  15. I think that fuchsia and green could be my new favourite colourscheme. I enjoyed the close-up view of the first photo.
    Gorgeous art Corrine!

  16. These are so bright and fun and pretty. What a great piece of art to get in the mail!

  17. Barbara Dunn says:

    Corinne, your mailart is yummy! I will go in to my studio and get the paint out to create some postcards and envelopes with springtime celebration! I am tempted to join the Internatinal Union of Mailartists myself!

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