Hanna Swap, More Mail and Most Creative Envelope

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Swap cards are in and this is the second batch from Hanna’s wonderful swap. So much creativity and I am always amazed at the individuality of the makers.

Thanks to Linda, Amy, Sheila, Rachel and Lauren, these are fantastic and such a delight to have received in my post office box.

This yellow bit of sunshine arrived from Terrie who has joined the Good Mail Day postal madness that has gripped us all in great fun.  Please visit her blog and see what other wonderful mixed media goodness she creates.

What does my mirror say?  Wow, Deb has outdone herself with this envelope, I find the drawings to be just delicious and she always surprises me with what creatures seem to be flowing from her work.  Please visit her and see what cool doodles and sketches this woman cooks up.

I wouldn’t mind living inside this green land!





  1. That’s one gorgeous envelope – I never think of decorating every inch like this since I worry the PO won’t take it. Which is silly cuz look at all the advertising envelopes – they have words and pictures and stuff ALL over them and they’re not even pretty. So, my new resolution – no plain envelopes shall leave my hands! And I found a great tutorial to make my own simple envelopes and I can’t wait to try that! I feel another mailing stirring in my brain…..

  2. like your new blog and the quirky black n white doodles

  3. I’m so glad you like it Corrine!!! Its been so fun playing with paint!
    I’ll get my new address to you as soon as i can! Hugs! deb

  4. What fun little creations. I agree with you on the lush green envelope.

  5. Hi Corrine,
    How wonderful to see this lovely new blog and the new approach you’re taking.
    What fun this mail art is … its awhile since I did anything like this!
    S x

  6. I’ll bet your mail carrier appreciates these swaps too, gives them something interesting to look at for a change. Great stuff!

  7. I would so like to dive right into this pile, a fun sea of color and images, this is so refreshing!
    I also like your posting on what intuitive painting is…I need to try that sometimes…I used to be a painter!

  8. I like your new blog …. and what you have to say at the top about intuitive painting is really something to ponder …. super fun mail art! your mailman must love you 🙂

  9. What stunning postcards!!! Another happy mailbox day!

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