Silly Journaling

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Yesterday in the studio the sillies took over and I went looking for some images to pull out of the painted backgrounds.  Here is what emerged. What you can’t quite see all of because I missed it in the photos is that the house is the Non Dairy Creamer Homestead. Quite a historical place if you haven’t imagined it yet, full of powdery goodness. See I did say that the sillies took over. It was fun to do a non-sensical page with no limits. Happy Sunday all, enjoy.


  1. Wow! you really stepped up your web game! This is so cool!
    xxxox, jill

  2. Bright and splattery and loose and free – totally FUN

  3. Where would we be without silliness? I like what you did Corrine. : )

  4. Super Cow! I love it. Art needs silliness every now and then to keep it fresh and fun. 🙂

  5. Dear Corrine your new blog looks so wonderful, great blog head and background, and fantastic new pages.

  6. these crack me up. I’d like to go visit your non-dairy creamer homestead, but I’d have to smuggle in my half-and-half.

  7. Lovely colour! I love colour. Popped in from the Just Journals link party

  8. Wow, your new digs look great–and I’m always up for some silliness 🙂

    Also…someone started a game of blog tag today and I tagged you (with the new blog address). You can see my blog for more info–absolutely no obligation to play along, but I wanted to feature a few of the bloggers I enjoy reading…like you! Happy Sunday, Corrine 🙂

  9. Long live super cow!!!

  10. Corrine! The site looks super fresh and clean! Nice work. I am tempted to switch too, but not quite yet! Is this site registered on bloglovin yet? I would like to add you to that feed, where I do my blog reading. 🙂

    Happy Spring!


  11. Fabulous colors on this new blog. Now i’ll just go work out how I follow……x

  12. Silly is good!

    I like the new look on your blog. The colours make me happy!

  13. I’ve been a big fan and follower forever and want to share the love. TAG, you’re it. See my blog for details, but no pressure. If you don’t wanna play, don’t have time, don’t like these games, whatever – I’m totally ok with that. I’ll still continue visiting your blog. 🙂

  14. Corrine! What a lovely surprise to receive one of your gorgeous cards in the DIY swap! Coming to your blog is like dropping into Wonkaland for the creative! So much color and joy and fun! I love your new site for intuitive painting and know that even though you are busy, you are spinning out magic for all of us to behold. Always, you leave me feeling excited about the possibilities of lurking within my creative mind. Thank you dear one! And Cowgirl sends her regards! We are about to embark on Mighty Girl Art camp together, so things should get plenty colorful and messily inspired in our house!

    xo Lis

  15. Sometimes you have to be silly … your pages look great!

  16. Lucky you- the sillies are wonderful guests to have! This looks fabulous!

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