What Was My Work Desk Sunday

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I eagerly follow all of you who participate
in What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday.
It is great fun to see just what sits on those
desks and what creativity emerges each week.

Even though I haven’t participated
I had the idea in mind when I used
the paper that was my work desk,
you know that paper desk topper
that gets all the leftover stuff on
it from your various creative

Since I like recycling and actually
find that leftovers sometimes
more interesting than the new and shiny,
I decided to use that paper, and some
added paint, collage, glimmer sprays
and washi to create some new mail
art that needed sending.

Please also head over to the Re-project
Community(click not the page tab above)
and see my Re-Awakening
post.  You will see the finished work on
one of my sneak peaks you saw here.

Happy Monday all.

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