500 It’s Time To Celebrate

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It’s time to celebrate.
500 Posts.

As we close in on the Winter Solstice
it’s time to release
all those thoughts holding us back
all those limiting constructs about ourselves we
no longer need.
A time to banish the critic
and put forth in our hearts what
we truly want our lives to be like in

What better gift can I give away
to all my friends and followers
than this book…

Brand new and
full of shining goodness.
A way to begin 2012
with wishes in our hearts.

Please leave a comment
by New Year’s Eve and
the superhero will pull a
name out of his magic
hat.  I will send this book
off to the winner along
with some mystery goodness
of my own.

Release, Rest, Replenish
and Renew the who that
you all our during this
holiday time, I so look
forward to meeting you
here in 2012 and feeling
the giant power of your
creativity as it bursts forth
into a new year.


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