On The Mend

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The superhero if finally,
finally on the mend after
almost two weeks of
under the weather.

I finally have some
time to mend my
lack of creativity.

Brown paper packages
tied up with TAPE?
Festive typewriters herald
Season’s Greeting to
mail friends far and wide.
Out the door and on
their way.

Post cards and poems
are off today too!  So much
is happening is it that way for you?

Pixlr and Prancer,
Philo and Blitzen,
editing edges
for festive description.

My head is a whirl
with kaleidescope green,
tonight to catch up with
my Christmas swap team.

And let’s not forget
to put pink in the scene,
some bubbles and bright
lights, Merry Jolly
all green.

On the mend with the sillies!

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