Trust Serendipity

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Life changes in the blink of an eye.
Things we thought were cast in
stone become liquid and electric.

Thanksgiving is tough for me because
my Dad passed away the week before
the holiday 10 years ago.  I don’t remember
the exact date(purposely blocked that out)
but I know it’s there.  Since Man Man left
us this year too, it’s been an emotional
roller coaster.

I keep looking for my ancient one
everywhere and dreaming of him
at night and he sent me a message that
I never expected when we decided
to adopt this little guy.
RyderPENDING: Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler), Dog; Manchester, NH
Meet Ryder, a 13 week old
red heeler puppy(translate healer)
who was born deaf and has since
lost this bandaged leg because
it was too damaged to keep.

I pick him up Friday and I
have been doing lots of research
into working with American Sign
Language to communicate with
this little guy and also what it means
to have a three legged dog and
how to care for him.

He is what I was most thankful
for this Thanksgiving.  A throw
away whose owner wanted to euthanize
and the bold rescue who not only
saved him but gave him a
chance at a true life.

He won’t know he isn’t supposed
to have three legs, he won’t care
that he can’t hear, he will only
care about being loved.

So I created these journal pages
for him. Our Thanksgiving gift.
Zillions more pics soon.

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