Waiter There’s a Paintbrush in My Soup…

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We walked the dogs bright and early

this morning, just after the sun came
up and I had planned a relaxed reading
day, a little outside activity and some
house cleaning in preparation for
The dogs were fed, our breakfast
was in the making and it struck,
paint-brush-anxiosity.  I know, not a 
real word, but an overwhelming
urge to get to the studio and
paint, paint, paint.
I kissed the dogs, kissed the
husband and tore out of the house.
The drive seemed to take forever, 
paper set up even longer as the 
masking tape refused to cooperate
but after a frustrating 20 minutes
the paint began to flow.
Four hours later, rockin tunes, 
dancing, singing at the top of
my lungs and brushes, hands,
forks, and flinging, here is
what emerged.
Trust the PROCESS
84″ x 40″
Is there a paintbrush in your soup?
Well be all means dig it out and use it!

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