The Gentle Nudge of Friendship

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A good friend of mine,
someone I became close to
at Squam this year
has been encouraging me
to put my work out there,
do more of my own thing.

Sometimes the gentle nudge
of friendship is all you need.
Thank you Shawn.

” The crack where the light slips through”
that’s how I think of this painting.
Maybe a crack is all you need to begin,
to start a new journey that is open ended
that leads you  to a place you haven’t discovered
yet. I am now on this journey and will be
opening my own etsy shop soon, stay tuned.

In the meantime, please go visit Shawn
she creates beautiful mixed media art,
is a crack photographer with some haunting
images in her Whisper’s series, coaches Irish
Dancing for her two incredible daughters and
has a dynamic new business Pretty To Boot.
If you want a great gift for your daughter’s
and granddaughters(or yourself because these
are just so cool), check out her fashion
toppers for ugg style boots.

Thanks Shawn for that gentle nudge.

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