Gifts From The Left Coast

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A while back Jan
from Laughing Dog Arts
won my 400th post

Last week I received
the most amazing gift
from her in the mail,
made from the box
of fabric swatches
and scraps I sent off
to her.

Never one to be
shy anymore, here
is the glorious gift.

While I don’t think her
hat does me justice, a little
too large for my small head,
I did want to share it with you.

It is amazing, reversible
and can be used as a bowl too.

Isn’t it incredible.  Please visit Jan and tell her so and
check out her garden pics today. Thanks again Jan,

With everything that has happened in the last week
I had to share this pic of baby Ella and grand dog
Brubear sleeping together in the den last night.

Now that’s the way
to make my day!

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