Shifting and a New Way To Be

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Living in a house with
five hounds is like living
in the real life version
of Dr. Suess’s
“Go Dogs Go”,
which needless to say
was my favorite book
as a child.

One dog going out,
three dogs coming in,
“Do you like my hat?”
“I do like that hat.”

Dogs going here and there
all the time, everywhere.

Now that Man Man has
gone to hang with his
brother and sisters,
over the rainbow bridge,
life in our house is

Now that we are four,
humans don’t count of
course; there is less tension,
which must have been a holding
for Man Man.

Everyone is softer
a little more civil,
less likely to bark
just for the sake of
being heard.

There will be less comings
and goings at the door,  Man Man
was by far the most curious
the one who went out 25 times
a day or more.

There is more play, less fear
as if they were waiting for it
to be okay.  I am continuously
amazed at the subtly of animals
and their wisdom that far
surpasses ours in recognizing
shifts in almost everything.

So while I am still so sad,
my little light has gone,
I will try and pay attention
to their shifting and make it
my own. A little more play,
a little less fear.

Thanks so much to all of you for
your kind words and thoughts
pouring my way, it has eased
the way. xox

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