Exercising My Glue Stick

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One of my favorite activities to get
unstuck it to play with my
glue stick and paste random
images across a white sheet
of paper.

I always keep a shoe box full of
magazine pages that resonate
with me whether because
of mood, color, or pattern.

I tear these into random shapes
and paste away.  White they
are not copyright free, they
make great backgrounds for
mail art and give me a chance
to flex and free up creative juice.

Here is part of the original paste up.
I especially like the hand sticking out
and the paper with writing on it
at the bottom.

I took this photo into PSE 9 and started to
play with the pattern.

Same image desaturated
and with a film grain

Same image offset
into a more complex
patter and made
black and white.

There are endless permutations of course.
This last pic reminds me of giant paper clips
fluttering curtains and x ray ghosts of things,
people in the lower half.

Mindless play often ignites intuitive
thinking, what ignites you?

Gotta go, time to do some writing
with all those ideas that popped into my head.

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