Glorious Splendoriforous Gifts

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I am always amazed at the genorosity
of spirit I find in this blogging community.
There is a never-ending well of sweetness
that flows outward always.

I had the good fortune to win two giveaways
from my friend Katie at The Red Tin,
who felts, makes amazing dolls, quilts
beautiful pieces and send really cool
mail art. Katie sent a box larger
than my head, much, much larger
and some home made raspberry preserves
which the superhero is gobbling up.

A second giveaway from new
blog pal Cathie Carroll of a pair of gorgeous
earrings, and what came not one but two
pair of gorgeous earrings. Wow, and wow.

Please feast in the eye candy below and
visit these lovely ladies and their blogs.

Fabric, ribbons,
buttons, cloth, paper
ephemera, post cards
and lavender sachet
that smells as only
it does from Washington
State, one that she made…
Raspberry jam, a photo frame
a fun tin, a sewn envelopes….
the list goes on…Not to mention
her post cards, her fiber art,
see what I mean!!!!

Golden pearls and garnet stones
glittery jewels have found this home.

Thank you thank you thank you both.

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