Permission To Expand

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Expressive art is elemental.
Your body moves through
what is happening inside,
brush, or finger, or feet
covered with paint,
expressing the feelings
that you hold intuitively.

Colors explode in
your vision, all things
are on your palette, everything
is available through your heart.

Listen, can you hear it,
the sound of your heart beating,
the voice of your story waiting to
be told?

Then why oh why was I waiting
for permission to expand?

I realized in some fundamental way
that this glorious studio I had created
with my own vision was too BIG!
I felt lost in it, not sure of where to
put my own creative spark.  I saw it
as teaching space, not creating space.

In some real way there
wasn’t a place for me and
that’s because I was so used
to creating in a 4 x 6 foot
bear den, that I didn’t know how
to be here, how to expand.

After a conversation with my tribe,
my group heart, my sisters,
I gave myself permission to expand,
to put that nook into this larger world
and find my place, my zone in it.
So today I created this…

A niche of my own,
taking shape, still more
to work and organize,
but a beginning, a step.

And a sacred space

On this recycled chunk
of wood table built by
the superhero. Drums,
rattles, a talking stick.
A place for community,
with permission to expand.

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