Night On The Lake

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Chicago by night.

Lights of the city.
bustle, hustle, traffic, 
jammed bodies on sidewalks,
river, boats, 
lights of the ferris wheel
on the Navy Pier.
We played tourist.
A sunset cruise on
Lake Michigan.
Two hours of fading
sun to brilliant lights
as the city became one 
long view.
It was a blast.  We met
a couple from Massachusetts,
a couple from New Hampshire
and another from Michigan
who were celebrating their
25th wedding anniversary.
We chatted and 
we admired the view.
The Wrigley building. Just below on the
river where we picked up the boat.
Ribbons of concrete
around this
residential building
forming concrete
patios like flowing
waves around the shape.
Bodies craning upward
as the light began to fade.
The ferris wheel, 
lighting the night 
like a firecracker
as we moved through
the lock out into the lake.
River of lights 
as the mist followed
us through the rolling
waves of a lake more
like an ocean in it’s 
Cupcakes and starbursts, 
building more energy
than substance as the
boat surged over rolling
waves and continuity 
was lost.

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