Channeling Damini, Embracing The Heat

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On of my dearest friends
and fellow teachers in the
intuitive painting process;
paints with her body.

No holes barred, full out,
rich, bold and outrageous.

Last night she posted a pic
of her hands covered in paint
with a heart showing up smack
dab in the middle.

The universe works in
mysterious ways.

I hate the heat, and today
it was sapping my strength,
but as most of you who visit
me know, I live on a pond.
So I threw myself in, put on
an apron over my wet bathing
suit and began to channel

I was using these…

Jazz Gloss Tempura because
as you also know, color is
my thang….fluorescent brights
which I used to brighten up
this banner I was making as
a sign for the studio.

I started the banner
a few weeks ago and was going
to cut off the top half
but I got sweating, dripping sweating
and my hands were moving and
the paint took on a life of it’s own.

And this rather dull,
okay super dull, banner
became this…

And look what showed up…

Thanks Damini…

And any of you who live in PA anywhere
near Damini’s studio, visit her, paint with her
and be amazed at this powerful force
of nature, intuitive arts teacher, shaman
dog whisperer, friend I love. xxx

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