Iced Tea and Stitch

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A little Tazo mango iced black tea on this 90+
humid, New England day.

I have been sitting inside, under the skylight
and the front cover is done.  The photo in
the center is blocked because I don’t want
to give away the surprise, but you can see
the raw stitching, which was purposeful,
to evoke raw emotion and energetic change.

The inside cover
includes this pocket
from an old doily, the
second in a pair.  The
first I used to mend my
puppy chewed linen pants,
and the second makes this
nifty pocket for holding some
future love tokens.

I took a couple shots of the
details, to show you the stitches and
the wonderful Pima flower used at the top.

You can see the various stitches

Keep cool and drink
your tea, coffee, milkshake,
um that sounds good, or come
and have a swim with me!
Don’t worry the fish only
nibble on your toes!

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