Meet Kesha Bruce and Stroll the 6×6 Blog Tour

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I first witnessed the amazing Kesha Bruce
when she posted the ART FIX In House
Residency Challenge on her blog to
be a resident in your own studio,
be creative and use up your stash!

When I heard about 6×6, a hip
new way to think about art
taking place in NYC in September,
created by Kesha and her business partner
Charlie Grosso at Baang and Burne Contemporary,
I asked her a few questions about
her creative inspirations.

Here is what she had to say…

6×6 is an innovative concept that asks artists to
rethink their view of themselves and how they
get the world to notice them.  How did Baang
and Burne Contemporary come up with the

Kesha: “The idea for Baang and Burne was 
born completely by accident.  
One night, a couple years ago, 
Charlie Grosso and I were having 
one of our usual epic conversations 
about art and art business, 
and all the things we loved 
and hated about it.
At some point the 
conversation came around to 
“Wouldn’t  it be cool if…?” 
We basically built Baang and Burne 
based on our own dream gallery and 
our own ideas about how art should
be sold.”

Do you have a regular creative practice
that jump starts your ideas?

Kesha: ” In college I had a drawing teacher 
that made us do,  do what at the time, 
felt like an excruciatingly boring
drawing exercise.  She made us do 50, 
five-minute drawings of the same image.  
At the time I hated it. Now it is pretty much
how I start every new project.  
Momentum is a powerful thing,
but you have to begin somewhere.”

How do you move the inner critic
that we all have out of the way
to free your creative spirit?

Kesha:  ” The inner critic is all about 
fear and judgement, and
unfortunately I don’t think it 
ever goes away, but there are
definitely some ways you can 
learn to turn down the volume!
When your thoughts go to that 
negative place, it’s a sign that
you need to STOP and 
regroup and get your head back on
straight.  You need to take 
some time to refocus your purpose—
the reason you make art in 
the first place.  Get back to whatever
your core reason is for being an artist.

Whenever we have those 
moments where the inner critic 
takes over, you need to take some 
time to slow down and get back on purpose,
and then get back to work.  
The only way to turn down the volume
on the inner critic is to keep working.”

Thanks Kesha!!!

To read more about 6×6, 
read Kesha’s weekly articles on art,
art marketing, and creativity and to
 download a free copy of
her guide “The 5 Step Art Career Make-Over” 
visit here blog at

If you are anywhere near NYC in September you’ve
got to be part of this experience.

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