My Stitching Friends

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I am continuously influenced by
my stitching friends.  If you look
at my blog roll you will see how
many stitching women reside there.

Lorna, Anne, Heloise, Jan,
Deborah, Nina Lise, and Suzi. Dorthe
and Victoria
just to name a few.

Each of these women innovate,
explore and excavate from a wealth
of creative juices to amplify
the desires of their souls.

I always think in my head that
I will sew more, be more like them.
Maybe because I find it difficult
and it is something I admire, or
because my Mother sewed while
I learned to cook,
but let’s face it friends,
paper and glue-stick are my thing.
As I work to create
the studio of my dreams, I realize that
those stashes of fabric probably won’t
end up in their intended projects
over time.

But I did have one special gift to create
as a thank you for someone and I decided
to break open that pretty package of
bali pop batiks and do some slow cloth
to make this book cover. (You knew it
was never going to become a quilted
bag right?)

Today was a quiet day, people scurrying
off early for their 4th of July vacations
and I was able to spend a little time
laying out the beginning of my idea.
Here is where we are at…

Colors of the sea,
azure jewel blue. Summer
light and sand, greens
of growth and abundance,
some tea dyed vintage
linen showing through.

Thanks gals, for your inspiration
and the dance with cloth, for showing the
world you got moxie and a whole
lot more. I am continuously amazed
and what you bring into this world.

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