I’m Back, More Work, Big Joy

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Cold, sinus, whatever the heck
it was, didn’t keep me down long.
Some additional napping, long,
sweet napping and I was ready to
go today and continue with progress.

The superhero and I headed up to the
studio this morning, he to build the first
table and me to paint the rest of the

Some pale green oops
paint from Home Depot
and a little fun tempura
painting on my own.

I had to test them out for
good juju, didn’t I?

This group awaits
a test run. I ran out of
the pale green so mixed some other
small oops cans and came up
with a cream color.  The panels
looks so much fresher with paint.

Eight places for
eight exploring
goddesses await.

The superhero got
busy with half a sheet
of birch ply and some
recycled fir 2×4’s from out
house reno 15 years ago.
Their last life was in our wood
storage bin, which we decided
needed replacing, so upcycle,
upcycle, win, win, they are
being used again.

Some sanding, some
sealing and funky worktables
are ready to go.  He has one more
to construct and then we are there!!!
Lessons learned and re-learned:
it always takes longer than you think
It always costs more than you think
expect the unexpected and you will be fine.
And….don’t forget to have fun while you
are doing it.

Happy Sunday all, glad to be among the living.

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