Blowing Off Steam

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Can you see it coming out
of my ears!

The last couple of weeks have
been a whirlwind of activity
and I realize it is just the
beginning of the process
to create the ambiance
in the studio that brings
about the energy balance
I am seeking.

I also have not left much
room for just creating and
today I was about to explode.

My art journal was nearby and
while not as dedicated as most
of you out there, once in a while
the steam has just gotta blow.


Third eye, single focus
basket of seeing, who knows
but it felt good to smoosh
oil pastels and scribble
with a pencil. 

Gosh, why does scribbling
feel so darn good.

My best friend Linda made
an insightful comment while
we were working in the studio.
She said I think in color, and my
energy revolves around color,
maybe she’s right?  I know that
color has such power, orange,
turquoise, sunflower yellow,
yellow/green and red/orange
and don’t forget pink.

What about you, how do you
blow off steam? What do colors
do for you?

Cause I wanna know…..

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