Painting, Painting and More Painting

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Creating a dream rather than
a collage, I spent the weekend
painting the walls and floor
of the studio, and believe me
every muscle in my body is
alive and aware!

I thought I would share
a few more views of the
lovely vegetation on my
last California trip.

Spots around the ranch and this
wild lavender growing along the

Normally I would not
put cars in a photo, but
I wanted to give you a
sense of scale.  This arbor
where my pals are
artfully posing is at least
20 feet wide and 40 feet
long.  That mass of green
is a wysteria vine and
the cecile bruner rose
bush is at least 30
feet high and again
as wide, quite old
and spectacular.  There
were throusands of blooms.
What you can’t see here is the
patio tucked in under the rose
bush, nor hear the hundreds of
bees buzzing happily all through
it.  What a marvel.

Hope you enjoy.

When the studio gets a little
further along, I will post some
sneak peaks…..

Happy Monday.

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