Thank You, Thank You, Thank You From Most Grateful Me

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Wow, with ideas like these ladies
we could change the world.

I so appreciate your jumping in
to the idea machine and letting
your creative spirits flow,
but one person showed so
much exuberance and expanded
a dream of what is possible
that I have to honor that
creative spirit Norma,
The Fairy Yellow Bug Queen.

I see volume (texture) so that one doesn’t walk into them. Something soft…fabric…streamers…rag art…banners…hanging from the top, and that can be changed according to whim, maybe on a string of some sort (thin rope/rope wrapped with rags [fabric torn in strips], and then maybe able to be pulled out like a May pole, or just left hanging to move on a whiff of air movement or the brush of a body going by. I imagine banners that are collaged with paper and paint and pictures drawn and otherwise, with words of inspiration and maybe different shapes like birds hanging out. I don’t know if this can even be visualized by one who might read this. If the poles were thicker then I’d want to treat them like the light standards that get plastered with posters and have layers and layers and layers of posters one on top of the other. Anyway these are my visuals. Have fun, *smiles* Norma

Ideas spun with gold,  don’t you think?

Please visit her blog and see
the wonderful dolls and paper dolls
she creates in the tiniest of spaces.

She is a dreamer indeed and I will
try and honor the spirit of her ideas
in the studio.

With friends like all of you, I am
lucky, lucky indeed.  Wish you
all lived around the corner and could
come for a party.  I will try and make
it a virtual one in the studio for you
all to see.

I am abundantly grateful for
you friendship. Thanks again.

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