Moving Along Slowly-and an Idea, Please?

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The inspiration fabric for the studio

got made into a pillow

the table went to stage two
underpainting with the $1
oops paint I picked up at
Home Depot.

Two gallons of Flamingo Pink
will grace the walls of the studio,
sort of a cross between pink and
coral to match the fabric above.

This free basket from the
church rummage is the next
item to be transformed ….
I am not a fan of this burgundy red
with gold….

but it has a liner and
will look great once
painted to pop and holding
a fresh, green plant.

Someday the painting walls
will look like these in my
mentor Chris’s Oakland
studio at Creative Juices Arts.

Aren’t they beautiful in and of themselves?

After next week the
transformation begins.
Anyone got any ideas
what to do with those
poles????? Wrap them
in — something, paint
them, both?

Give me a great idea and
the one I pick will get
a special thank you
sent to them via post.

Just moving along, slowly…

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