Where the Blackbird Sang

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Easter was a quiet day for David and me.
The kids and grandkids were flung far and wide
so it was just the two of us.  No need for the big
dinner, simple was the order of this day.

I spent the afternoon listening to the birds,
so many birds singing while I pulled nettles
and comfrey from the garden to clear out the
vegetable beds.  Nettles are the most magical,
medicinal nervine, soother of stress,
but they do take over,
so the pulled plants will
spread their magic to
the compost pile
imparting their marvelous
plant chemistry to the stew.

David chopped down a dead birch
and painted some patches on the house
that needed a spruce up and ran the
wood splitter for an hour or so.

He is happily enraptured by the
golf tournament as I write this.

We had a simple lunch of duck eggs
scrambled with some home fried
potatoes and some salad greens,
it was perfect. The ducky girls are
so generous with their eggs, it’s
a blessing, that’s for sure.

As I pulled weeds and moved some
plants around the landscape in the warm
-finally-late Spring sun, I was thankful
just to be participating in the ritual of
the earth.

I have been wallowing in the sweetness
(Thank you oh my friend Linda P-F)
of the creative stew as I prepare
myself for this new journey to sparkle.

One of the things I have been trying is
what I call Collage Combustion, rapid
fire pasting and drawing with pastels
to create layers and a rich surface collage
in a highly intuitive way.
Like an extemporaneous
writing period in my journal,
or intuitive painting exploration,
this collage combustion is freeing
and stirs the juices that
crack open the creative heart
a little more.  This is what
 came out of that
process last night.

I hope everyone had a peaceful
enriching Easter, I know I did.

Thanks for being there all of you
in this marvelous land of blog.

Sweet dreams and wishes for a
new day.

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