Tag You Are It

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I don’t know about all of you,
but something hand made makes
me happy.  Much of what I buy
for myself and my friends comes
from Etsy.  There is such a rich
community of craftspersons out
there why go anywhere else?

I know that a heart and a hand
have gone into that sweet package
that comes to me in the mail and
that makes all the difference.

Days of obsessing about
what to hand out at this open house
to let people know the who, what,
when and where of Sparkle Days Studio,
and it hit me like a ton of bricks to
the forehead.  NO to postcards, moo cards,
printed flyers, any of that.  Just keep it
simple, and made by hand.

So, Tag you are it.

Nothing too fancy,
but something made
by hand nonetheless.

Who we are on the
front, class details
on the back.

Stacked in a basket
when they are all done,
an easy takeaway that
will hopefully intrigue
someone and make them

Only 66 more to go.

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