Life is Like a Bowl of…

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I could have sworn it was Spring,
doesn’t feel like Spring
but no matter,
happiness is in a
bowl like this…

Easter egg paper beads
in a nest of telephone
wire from Deborah.

Or a bowl like this…

Another brilliant blues
ATC mini quilt from Deborah.
I picture a window full of stars.

Or a bowl like this…

Fragile sculpy faces from
Deborah, goddesses all
looking so serene sitting
in green.

Or a bowl like this..

A post from Pamela
mail artist to warm the heart.

Or a bowl like this…

Full of hearts and stories
histories and visions, energy
and wisdoms.

Or a bowl like this…

Gifts from the farmyard,
creamy duck eggs Spring’s
true gift to me. (And little
brown chicken eggs for

What’s in your bowl of happiness today?

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