Some New Views

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Frigid, cold, blustery wind greeted us today
and of course I had the brilliant idea that
we needed to take an excursion to
Newburyport to see the views.

Water views that is.

 Newburyport is home to
the mighty Merrimack River,
Newburyport is the place
where my Mother
was born, my Father was
born, and where I was born.

Once a polluted mess,
the Merrimack has recovered
remarkably and is home
to thousands of birds
who swim in the river
and nest in the Parker
River wildlife refuge
on Plum Island.

I used to swim at Plum Island
as a child, but the rip currents
in an around the island and the
mouth of Newburyport harbor
are extremely dangerous
and many a person has drowned
and many a ship has been broken
apart on the shoals.

On the way back home we drove
through the Newbury marshes.
Part of the extensive salt marsh
system that sits on the Northeast
the marshes hold a stark beauty,
especially at this time of year.

I always use salt marsh hay to mulch my
gardens because it will not sprout on
the soil but needs the influence of the salt
water to grow.

We returned home
to Stiles Pond
just as the last light
was crossing the
still ice covered pond
that to me resembles
a lunar landscape
about now.

This bud a promise of
Spring soon to be opened.

Last light, and good night.
Hope you enjoyed my little
bit of history and the tour.

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