Mail Beauty and Booty

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Mr. Postman delivered
delicious, overflowing
goodness yesterday.

Belated birthday gifts and mail
from all over.

From Deborah,
a fantastic mini quilt
with handmade paper beads
and embellishments in the
most delish shades of purples
and blues.

Look at these perfect paper
beads, aren’t they the best!

Mail from N’Orlans,
nope, Ohio from Misty
who sent this neat package
through the mail with a tiny
moleskin for me to collage
the cover and send back.

Birthday goodies from
Katie, including a
hand sewn bag that
everything came tucked in.
Love this bag, and seeds
to plant in the garden
and goodies which shall
be used in all kinds of
mixed media madness.

Last but NEVER least,
mail from my good friend
Lyle who sent this envelope
and some rather risque goodies
inside which I shan’t post here.
Another trade in the works.
Wild turkey photos too.
Lyle you are WILD.

Thanks so much!
To all my friends and blogging
pals for bringing joy to each and every
day.  Snow on the way, of course,
it’s only March here in New England,
but the sun is shining now and a close
friend is on the way for lunch.  Ciao
until we meet again.

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