Sun, 60, Green and Birthday Treasures

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Sun, 60 degrees and green.
That’s my theme for today.
A little stroll and some
views to share, c’mon…

Sun on moss, what more is there to say.

Ice still covers the pond but
is rapidly melting. Shadows
of trees make a lovely pattern.

Look at these baby faces…aren’t they sweet.

A special package from Kim arrived in the mail last night.
I had to share….

A special fuzzy bunny

Came all the way into the future
from the 1960’s. What a birthday card
to receive.

Two cool collages….with my eyes,
good light is definitely necessary.

Stamps, stamps and more stamps.
My mail art will be jazzing up.

Audacious ephemera,
just spectacular, may have
to hold on to some of this
too wonderful to use.

And some hot, hotter and hottest
chili powders from way down
Bisbee way.  What’s not to love
about a turquoise cactus on an
orange bag?

Thanks Kim….

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