ART FIX Project 3, Postal Bliss and Digital Play

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So much going on this weekend
including sun, warmth and melting.

I melted into the studio to further enhance
some of those post cards I was making for the
Art Fix In-house Residency project.
They needed more oomph so I turned
them into two sided collages like this…

Side one

Side two, though not
in order, but you get
the idea.

Lucky shamrocks arrived from Jill

Aren’t they clever and I love
the fact that they stand up
so I can view them.
Thanks Jill…

And the hand of friendship from Lyle
Stamp carver extraordinaire.

We are now trading post cards for a while.

Playing around a little more with PSE.
So much to learn, but it is fun just to noodle
about a bit.

Easter egg colors…

Sea and sky, or boro paper visually stitched?

I am trying to hold onto color
and glimpses of sun while
Japan and their resilient people
are on my mind
and in my heart.  
Safe, loving Sunday,
hugs for those who 
are near and far.

xox Corrine

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