This Box, This Heart, These Cards

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This BOX from friend Kim
arrived filled with goodies
last Fall from Alaska.

I save it and used
it to send a package
to my friend Jan in Oregon.

She filled it with this HEART

And these paper goodies
and sent it back to me.
Now I shall have to fill it and send it back
to Kim in Arizona before she leaves for Alaska.
This box will have traveled more than me.

Fabulous nine inch tall HEART
full of love and stitching goodness.
Thank you, thank you Jan.

These Cards

Mushrooms to frame
sent by Katie done
by artist Nikki McLure

Sent by my best friend
Linda for my birthday
(yes, on Monday I turned
55 – yikes), says inside
we will be legends….

This card was given to
me on my Birthday by
David. How fitting a collage
work by artist J T Greenburg
along with some goodies from
Paper Source.  Doesn’t he just
so get it. Love that guy.

And this most marvelous package
and post card arrived within a day of
each other from Lyle

Love those kitty stamps you carved Lyle.
I like to think of that Kitty angel watching
out for me.

So sweet.
What a birthday gift
this week has been.

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