Art From The Bag-Art Fix Project 3

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The other day I made some post cards for
my mail art out of the scraps on the work table.

I realized that one of them was actually a large
folded post card and would be fun to make into
a mailer and hide a secret letter inside, which is
exactly what I did…

The original save the date
portion is in the middle.
The kraft on the right,
a painted scrap from the
table hides a doodle
and the letter. The left
section is the back side.
I’d like to be a preferred
customer for crazy love
wouldn’t you?

Inside section showing
more collage and the doodle….

The painted craft
folds in and I can
close it up and address

Turquoise and orange
again, it’s sunny today
and those colors always
draw me in.

Happy Tuesday.

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