Friendship Friday

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This week has been full of wonderful mail
surprises from friends far and wide
and I would like to share
them with you.

Stephanie and I decided on a little swap.

This marvelous fabric and paper
collage mini book and cookbook
for her hometown Singapore
arrived on my doorstep this week.
If you follow Steph’s blog you will
always see the wonderful food
she shares with her tea posts and
the photographs of her journeys
around Singapore and beyond.

I can’t wait to scour the Asian
markets here for some ingredients
and try some luscious cuisine.

Thanks so much Steph.

The Recycled Daze specialist
Jill send me this delightful snowman
post card with message, the front side
is a recycled Christmas card.

Be sure to visit her blog and you can
see her work in Cloth Paper Scissors.
She has been published several times.

I feel like a snow man these days
with the temp at 3F/-16C this morning.

I am off to (hopefully) sunny
Cali on Sunday for the next
session of my Wild Heart
expressive arts teacher training.

Sadly, not to visit Kris
of Erosion bundles and
Every Inchie Monday fame.

Great Cali post card
she sent me telling us
how close we were at
only 3,145 miles away.

And finally, I received my
knitted hats in the mail from
Nina Lise‘s giveaway,
along with this precious post card
which says it all.

Don’t you just want to smooch that face!

I won’t have much internet service
where I am going,
so I will miss seeing all of you,
but will catch up when I return.
I may sneak a few posts in before I go,
if I can sneak into the
studio cubby for some fun.

Thanks to all my friends for brightening my week.

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