PostCrossing, Duh, Who Knew?

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I got a lovely comment today from Katie
at The Red Tin on my erosion bundle.
She is participating too, and on her blog
was a button for PostCrossing which
I had never heard of but many millions of
folks have.  Duh, ignorance is not bliss.

Since I love mail art as you know I thought
I would share it with you thanks to Katie
and the button is on my sidebar, click
and take a look.

I continue to need to re-organize and
yesterday in a dervish I ripped out
the entire contents of my storage closet.
Recycled, re-arranged, reminded myself
about what was important to keep and
what to give away.

I feel lighter just
looking in here.

Mini fabric stash compared to
some of you I know.

Some favorite books…

Another stack…

And some intuitive process reading…

The best part is this shelf is almost empty
and the books will move back upstairs now that
the holiday decor has come down. I will have
a free shelf to move things off the studio table.

As always helpers participated.

The ancient one in meditation pose.

And Mr. Rusty looking oh so adorable.

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