It’s a Doggone Life

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Ella is getting big. 10 pounds and an inch and one half taller big.

And what we wanted to do today is…some snow play.

Does this count as a tackle?

Poor Rusty will never be the same. Charge of
the puppy brigade.

Don’t we look ferocious?

How high can you jump Ella?

Hey where did he go?

Mama and me are tired.
May we go in? We can
scratch the door some more
if you want?

Those ducks(and Mr. Lucky
with the pouf) sure do make a lot of

Praline is going to just
sit in there and eat leaves.

The pond is covered with
two feet of snow, guess the
cross country skiers will be out

Even the squirrels are staying inside…

It’s a doggone life isn’t it?

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