Gifts of Friendship, Stories to Tell

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I was so surprised yesterday to open this
wondrous package from my friend Kim.

A rusted bumpy ceiling tile, bark cloth from Papua, New Guinea
A painted mat that looks like a feed bag on the back, some hand
made paper and a silk scarf.

All I can say is with friends like Kim, well, ain’t she grand.
Please visit her and tell her so. She makes darn fabulous jewelry
and some spunky mixed media art.  She loves rusty wire
and all manner of found things.  A friend close to my soul.

On another note:

I don’t know about you all, but I have noticed that it feels like
lots of changes are happening, unsettling changes, from the
solstice and lunar eclipse?  Do you all feel it? I have been
cleaning out files, making space with urgency it seems.
What is moving me?  Who knows…what is moving you?

Tell me your stories.

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