Crafty Hoarding and More Bottles But No Champagne

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The last day of 2010 is finally here
and a glorious one it’s been.  Temps
here in New England hit 52F/11C
and the sun shone all day.

I was out and about with my DH
and enjoying this bit of Spring
but couldn’t end the year without
a quick few pics of what is on the
studio table and as promised,
what a hoarding mess the
studio is…..

The last of my Kombucha bottles
and a new file folder journal background
just begun to be further painted upon
and embellished with the vintage
linens you see here…

Purple Prima  flowers
aren’t they gorgeous.

Since my work area is really a cubby
about 4 feet by 6 feet, storage is at
a premium.  I always like to have as much
paper resources around me so I can sift and
sort and choose. I work in a chaotic way
and somehow the sorting of what to choose
is part of the process itself, so everything
has to be at hand.

Paper hoardarama, with a few feed bags
thrown in for good measure.

If anyone needs a cereal box
I’ve got quite a few…

Duck food anyone and let’s not
forget the packing material from Christmas…

And what about boxes and bags hiding underneath…

David will draw a name tomorrow so you have one last chance
to enter the giveaway.

Hope you have a glorious New Year, be safe, and I’ll be
seeing you in 2011.

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