A Few Of My Favorite Things….

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These are a few of my favorite things….

Pals Lyle and Kim and I are doing
a book in a cigar box book swap this
season with a winter theme in mind.
We are each adding to the other’s books/
boxes so that as Winter moves to Spring
we will each have a keepsake that brings
the heart and hands of friends together.

I had to share Lyle’s marvelous beginning
box with you all.  As you know she is the
most talented stamp carver and her box
shows her touch everywhere.  This marvelous
snow scene arrived on my door not long ago.

Happy snowmen, pensive crows
magical snowflakes and a more
magical tree.  I shall have to be
most judicious in altering this
since it seems to me so full
of artistry all on it’s own.

Enclosed in the box was
a hand carved stamp for me
and one for Kim too, since
this box will wend it’s way
to her when I finish with it.

So when I opened the box I was flabbergasted
by this great scene inside as well.

A wonderful winter
painting affixed in a
frame inside the box and
all those background pages
wrapped in ribbon waiting
for me to dive in.  Isn’t this
just simply divine.

Please go visit Lyle and tell her how fantastic
she is!

Each Christmas, also in the tradition of my Mother
who loved, loved this holiday, I treat myself to
one special decoration that makes the house sparkle.
This year I turned to Nancy at Moonpie primitives
and came away with the most special primitive doll.

Meet Clara…

Isn’t she gorgeous in her simple

I hope you enjoyed a few of my favorite things.
Please go visit these talented folks and say hello.

May the spirit of the season infuse your heart with

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