Projects Afoot

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Several projects are sitting in several
stages of completion in and around
the studio today.

Six is stalled, dormant, asleep.
You know how sometimes a project
just won’t talk to you?  Oh well, someday
it will and then I will get on with it.

A mini book is in the works

A book swap with pals Lyle and Kim
too.  It will be a collaborative
go round with the three of us adding to each
other’s books.  Here are some of my background
pages that will soon be flying off to Arizona.

The theme is winter and
with so much water and ice out
the window, I always go to blue
and white.  Simple images
that appealed to me from mags
along with spray of blues and gold
to warm it up. soon to be tucked in
and covered up.

When Kim was here for a visit she shared her stash of
tintypes and I got this one.  She looked perfect for the
cover of the gorgeous wooden cigar box Lyle sent me.
Doesn’t she just look annoyed at the world?
But in a homesteading kind of way, do you blame
her, those homesteading gals had the worst of it
and came through with flying colors!

She will be on the cover.  And her winter
poem will be inside, which I will share all when
the project is finished. The box needs to be done
by Friday and on the fly…

The blues on the pages called to me and
I decided to use the pages image above for
some digi play

All I could think of was
Calypso Christmas, kind of
catchy don’t you think???

To all my good friends in the US,
Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow,
eat too much turkey and tryptophan nap away.
To all my other friends round the world,
see you after the holiday.

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