Monday Monday

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Last week was all about playing catch up
and now Thanksgiving is right around
the corner.

Yesterday we organized our new furniture
showroom in my “other” life but I took
some funs shots out the windows of
the industrial area where we are located.

Some digital play and a power plant smoke
stack becomes another thing altogether.

This combination
was mixed with some
trees shot in winter.
Makes a interesting
background for something
else perhaps? Stitching in bright
pearl cottons comes to mind right away.
What do you think?

Here is the shot of the
power plant stack through the window
merged with a shot of the polished
concrete floor.

Here is the actual photo outside the window.
Not very interesting without the manipulation above,
except the shapes themselves.

The concrete floor had stains
that were revealed and quite
beautiful when polished and sealed.
Another shot of the actual floor below
with one of the lights shining on it like
a full moon in the sky.

You never know what you will see unless
you look.

Happy Monday.

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