Process, Process, Process

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Calistoga was an opening time,
a place of reflection and striving
to go deeper, to the well of the
creative self.  We all have it,
we all bury it and let our
inner critics dictate the day.

The thing that draws me to intuitive
painting is the process IS the thing.
That simple; just the doing is the result.
The finished painting is of no
consequence, the process is the magic,
the mystery, the revealing part of
this creative endeavor.

I am lucky to have found Chris Zydel,
lucky to have been here at this place
at this time, in this group. We painted in
silence, no comments on anyone’s work,
no comments allowed because even positive
is a judgement; and the energy just buzzed
through the studio space. We felt each other’s highs
and lows, frustrations and joy, silliness and glee,
tears and anger. There is no energy like this
collective creation that I have experienced before
and it is so healing, to everyone.

We were lucky to be in a restful and healing place
with companions like these…

Miss Jessica the adorable one.

The gorgeous orange chicken in the sun.

Mr. Willy and his friend Mr. Pebbles

Along with Tyche the dalmation mix. Tiny and Tippy the cows, more
horses, more chickens and many semi-tame cats who live on the property.

The spirits of the forest stayed
mainly out of view but left signs
of their passage through the trails.

During our week we worked on our bodies,
moved them through dance and movement
since the painting is so much involving the whole
body/mind and did mindful meditation and journeying
time, in my case to this owl which I will share here.

For those of you who asked, I
hope this explains my process
more fully and remember always
 to play.

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